Anonymous asked: do u have a problematic fav


Anonymous asked: 5 fav mutuals


umm the skeleton network as a whole tbh, erick allmyduns, dani spookiestwitch, alex autumnghoul, and amber calmbeforethestorm :)


so you like cobra starship? haha i love that band! the way they just [clenches fist] split out of nowhere

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Track: The Woods
Artist: Daughter
Album: His Young Heart EP


The Woods | Daughter

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Anonymous asked: fav episode of spn?

yellow fever

Anonymous asked: favourite breed of dog

literally just dogs in general but idk probably blonde cocker spaniels orrrr big dogs

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who even is straight anymore

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Anonymous asked: do you checkmark or x boxes on surveys


Anonymous asked: talk abt ur first crush

he was a sexist racist preachers son